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Visit our collection of spoolWorks 3D filament by E3D. We have carefully selected the best quality of flexible 3D filament and premium support filament. Discover the high-performance FlexD flexible filament and Scaffold support filament.

Scaffold filament Gray 2.85mm / 0.5 kg spoolWorks
€ 55.58
In stock 
Scaffold filament Gray 1.75mm / 0.5 kg spoolWorks
€ 55.58
In stock 
FlexD filament White 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 36.36
In stock 
FlexD filament Green 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 29.55
In stock 
FlexD filament Blue 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 29.55
In stock 
FlexD filament Black 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 36.36
In stock 
FlexD filament Red 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 29.55
FlexD filament Orange 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 29.55
FlexD filament Gray 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg SpoolWorks
€ 29.55

About E3D spoolWorks filament

spoolWorks is a filament brand developed by the company E3D. E3D started in 2012 when two teachers decided to build and create what they believed was missing during their printing projects. They believed that several 3D parts could be reworked and be significantly improved for an even better printing experience. In 2016 spoolWorks was launched, a filament line that would guarantee quality and flexibility, offering solutions for a range of applications. As all 3D printers are unique, be sure to test print the filament materials below with different settings to discover what works best for your 3D printer.

spoolWorks FlexD filament

The FlexD filament TPU material is semi-flexible with extremely high elasticity. The material has professional shock-absorbing qualities and can withstand impact very well. FlexD filament can be used for parts such as tires, phone covers, and seals. The filament is originally transparent however when colored it has a vibrant rich color serving 3D parts an impeccably finished look. The bendable material is easy to print and performs best when printed at an extruder temperature of 220°C-240°C. The heated bed should be kept at temperatures between 45°C-85°C. The FlexD filament bonds very well with the Scaffold filament below.

spoolWorks Scaffold filament

E3D’s Scaffold line is a PVA plus support filament with water-soluble properties. This support filament will allow you to create complex 3D models with overhangs. As the Scaffold filament is hygroscopic, it will easily disintegrate in warm water during the removal process. The filament material can withstand hot temperatures very well and can also be effectively cleaned from a 3D printer’s nozzle. To successfully 3D print with the Scaffold filament, the extruder temperature should be at 215°C with a maximum heated bed temperature of 80°C. The Scaffold filament is designed to be adhesive to PLA filament and spoolWorks’ FlexD filament, above. For perfect 3D parts, adjust and create specific slicer settings.

Store your spoolWorks filament

To achieve high-quality 3D prints, be sure to store the filament materials in an airtight container with silica gel bags to avoid any moisture from getting in. We recommend the drying box to keep your 3D filament in prime condition, ready for 3D printing.

Do you have any questions about spoolWorks 3D filament? If you would like to know more, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help!

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