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Explore 3D printing with a 3D pen; an impressive art form and an extremely handy tool for technical repairs. With a 3D pen, you can bring your creativity with you anywhere. Transform your designs into a reality with our 3D pen and filament.

Printing with  3D pens and filament

The first 3D pen was displayed in 2012 by three young inventors in Somerville, Massachusetts. Their idea was born out of frustration when a 3D printer missed a single line during a print. Correcting the skipped line would require a new print which would consume more time and materials, and deem the previous print a failure. With a 3D pen, your printed model or part can be easily corrected and enhanced. The 3D pen is extremely forgiving and allows quick fixes and touch-ups of existing 3D models.

The 3D pen brings creativity to a whole new level. Not only can you make alterations to 3D parts, somewhat giving an upgrade. But you can draw in all dimensions on all flat surfaces. A 3D pen is basically a handheld 3D printer that you can take with you wherever you like. 3D pens and filament are largely used in decoration and art; you can draw and construct whatever comes to mind. For this reason, a 3D pen also makes a great product for designing and prototyping.

The filament materials commonly used for 3D pens are PLA filament, ABS filament, and PETG filament. There are more materials still in development to be used by 3D pens while the technology continues to grow. All 3D pens in this selection are provided with two small samples of starter filament. Choose the filament type that supports your printing intentions and goals best. Our filament is available in 10-meter lengths with a diameter size of 1.75 mm.

How do 3D pens work?

Like 3D printers, 3D pens work by heating filament followed by extruding it. In this case, no software is required as you decide where to place the 3D pen, unleashing your ideas onto any surface. The maker will guide the pen and draw lines which will harden within a few seconds however, if you extrude in a spot you have extruded before it will remelt and join with the new line or shape. Make sure that the surface you are working on is clean. With a 3D pen, there are infinite possibilities that you can explore. When starting out, you can print out stencils to guide you. If you would like some inspiration on what is possible with the 3D pen, view the video below:

3D pen and filament value packs

Discover our value packs, where you can get a 3D pen filament at a discount. The value packs by Real Filament consist of premium starter filament in a range of colors. We have fluorescent colors, satin options, and more!

3D pen and filament tools and accessories

We offer tools and accessories that go hand in hand with your 3D pen. Use a Westcott cutting mat to assist you while you extrude and get a hold of a filament cutter tool to easily snip your filament. With our cleaning filament, you can maintain your 3D pen’s nozzle and ensure smooth color transitions.

Do you have any questions about the 3D pens and filament? Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We are happy to be of assistance!

Frequently asked questions

What filament materials can my 3D pen use?

The filament materials compatible with a 3D pen will depend on the maximum temperature of a 3D pen. Most 3D pens can use PLA filament, which prints at 210°C. If the 3D pen can achieve higher temperatures then you will be able to print ABS at 230°C and PETG at 245°C.

Can a 3D pen use PLA filament?

PLA filament is the most common 3D pen filament material that prints at a temperature of 210°C. It is easy to use and comes in many color options such as satin and glow-in-the-dark PLA filament. 3D pens can also print special PLA wood filament, for example. The filament diameter size of a 3D pen is 1.75 mm.

Can a 3D pen use ABS filament?

A 3D pen can print with ABS filament at a temperature of 230°C. Make sure that your 3D pen can reach this temperature to be able to print with ABS filament. With ABS filament you can create strong and durable 3D objects.

Can a 3D pen use PETG filament?

You can print PETG filament given that the 3D pen can go up to 245°C. Check the maximum temperature of your 3D pen to see if it supports printing PETG filament. PETG filament allows you to create parts that have great chemical and mechanical properties.

What can a 3D pen make?

With a 3D pen, you can create all your design ideas and a range of objects. A 3D pen will extrude onto any surface, you just need to guide the 3D pen’s position with your hand to draw whatever comes to mind. At first, you can use a stencil or a cutting mat to guide yo

Is a 3D pen safe to use for children?

A 3D pen is safe to use by children after being guided by their parent or guardian on how it works. It is advised that there is adult supervision while a 3D pen is in use due to the high temperatures involved. A 3D pen increases creativity and is a wonderful learning tool for children.

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