Find the Beste 3D printer for 2023

Find the best 3D printers for you, recommended by de 3D printer experts. This page lists the recommended 3D printers for 2023, conveniently grouped so you can easily find the 3D printer you have been looking for.

Best FDM 3D printer

Looking for the best and latest FDM 3D printer? Then check out the many 3D printer models in our assortment, directly available from stock in the NO. Whether you are looking for the cheapest 3D printer or the fastest one: we have hand-picked the best 3D printer for you!

Best value FDM 3D printer

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Creality Ender-3 V2 Neo
The Creality Ender-3 3D printer has been available for a while now, but it is still the most popular 3D printer in our assortment. Not only because of the price, but also of the great mix of features and available upgrades. The Ender-3 v2 neo has superseded the Ender-3 and includes newer electronics, easy to use belt tensioners and a graphical LCD. The 220x220x250mm build volume is decent for the average user and the 3D printer has only minor assembly in a few simple steps before use. Check out more on the  Ender-3 V2 neo 3D printer

Best 3D printer to start 3D printing

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Creality Ender-3 Neo
For people excited to experience 3D printing the Creality Ender-3 Neo is going to help you with a great start. Well priced, just slightly above the Ender-3 V2, it has many features that will give you a head-start. The Ender-3 Neo comes with the new CR-touch auto bed leveling system, allowing you to calibrate the printer automatically. It has a glass bed surface, next generation electronics and prints very quietly.  You can print the most common filaments types including PLA and PETG, however the printer is limited when it comes to ABS and TPU as is does not have an enclosure and the bowden system is not suitable for flexible filaments. So if you are ok with the build size of 220x220x250mm and will only use regular filament, this is a great choice for you to start learning 3D printing.

If you do need to print flexible filaments, it is worth to check out the Ender-3 S1 pro as it has a direct-drive system. For a bit more space you can also check out the Ender-3 S1 Plus

The biggest 3D printer

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Creality CR-6 Max
For big 3D printers reliability is even more important, as days of 3D printing wasted is very disappointing to say the least. The Creality CR-6 Max 3D printer has a spacious 400x400mm glass build surface for large prints that comes with auto-bed leveling for the perfect first layer. The filament run-out sensor will help you protect you against failed prints by pausing the machine when filament needs replacing, while the new hotend design is even more reliable for longer prints. So if you are looking for a big build volume we recommend the Creality CR-6 Max.

If you are looking for even bigger, while an older model the CR-10 Max has a huge 450X450X470mm build volume.

The fastest 3D printer

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Creality Ender-5 S1
Of course the fastest speed is best achieved with Resin 3D printers, but if you need a bigger volume then Creality Ender-5 S1 3D printer is a better choice. For a FDM the build size is average, build the sturdy frame and new Sprite extruder allow for huge speeds. The auto bed leveling and high temperature hotend (300°C) are also great features that allow for a reliable 3D printing with more materials. 

If you need a bigger build volume the Ender-7 3D printer is also a good option. Albeit an older model with less performing extruder, it can be easily upgraded to match performance of the Ender-5 S1. 

The best 3D printer for printing multiple materials

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KyWoo3D Tycoon IDEX
Looking for the best 3D printer for printing with different colors or being able to use support material? Then we recommend the KyWoo3D Tycoon IDEX, which is not just a dual head machine, but has independently moving extruders (IDEX). Build reliable and for a great price the lesser known brand KyWoo3D has delivered a great 3D printer with automatic bed leveling and above average build volume of 260x300x350 mm. The KyeWoo3D Tycoon IDEX 3D printer has an intuitive user-interface and support filaments up to 260 °C.

If you are looking for an enclosed IDEX machine you might want to check out the FlashForge Creator 3 Pro while the Creality 3D CR X Pro is a great choice if you just need dual head,

The best 3D printer for printing advanced materials

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FlashForge Creator 3 Pro
If you are looking for a printer that can reliably print more advanced materials at a higher temperature, then the FlashForge Creator 3 Pro is a great choice. The hot end can reach temperature up to 320°C allowing PC and Nylon to be printed, while the enclosure and max. 120°C build platform also allows ABS and ASA to be printed. It comes with the Smart leveling system and also supports multiple materials with the dual extruder (IDEX) system.

A bit more affordable is the Creality CR-5 Pro H High-temperature version, but ABS and ASA will prove to be harder to print due to the larger unheated chamber.

The best 3D printer for schools

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Zaxe X3
For schools and education safety is a more important factor, which is why an enclosed 3D printer like the Zaxe X3 is recommended. It can print advanced materials like ABS and ASA as well as the regular materials. The 3D printer comes with auto bed leveling and has an easy to use interface, so less tech savvy students and teachers will also be able to control it. 

If price is more important and 3D printing more advanced materials is not required, you can check out the FlashForge Adventurer 3 Wifi

Best Resin 3D printer

We have a wide assortment of Resin 3D printers for every use-case, directly from stock in NO . If you are looking for the best Resin 3D printer, please check this out. For people new to 3D printing and people looking for a better 3D printer alike, we have a selected the best model for you.

Best value Resin 3D printer

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Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
Of course price is important, but the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Resin 3D printer also has a high-resolution LCD screen for fast 3D printing with 3D resin. The machine works with a variety of UV resins that offer different  distinct advantages like flexibility or firmness. The machine comes with software and is ready to go in the box. For convenience you may want to consider a Anycubic 3D Wash & Cure 2.0, to safely clean and cure your 3D prints.

Best Resin 3D printer to start 3D printing

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Elegoo Mars 3
New to Resin 3D printing or 3D printing in general? Then the Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer with the Elegoo Mercury Curing Machine is a great recommendation. For a Resin 3D printer the machine is average in build size with its 14.3x8.9x17.5 cm and just slightly bigger then the Mars 2 Pro, but it's bigger resolution allow you to print finest details, hence the Elegoo Mars 3 is great value for money. 

Alternatively, for about the same price you can have a bigger build volume of  18x16.3x10.2cm with the the Anycubic 3D Photon M3, however the resolution is the same, therefor the dots-per-inch (DPI) is lower than the Mars 3. This results in less details in the 3D printed model.

Best choice Resin 3D printer

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Elegoo Saturn 2
If you just need a great Resin 3D printer that fits most purposes then the Elegoo Saturn 2 8K is a great choice! The Saturn 2 has a spacious 21.9x12.3x25 cm build volume with a 7680x4320 resolution LCD for printing fine details at high speed. To complement the 3D printing experience the Saturn 2 has carbon filters to remove unwanted smell and toxins from the air. A matching wash and cure station is the Mercury XS Bundle

The biggest Resin 3D printer

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Elegoo Jupiter 6K LCD
With the build volume of an average FDM 3D printer, the Elegoo Jupiter 6K LCD is a big beast. The enormous volume also requires automatic resin loading, which the Elegoo Jupiter naturally has. For safety the 3D printer comes with an Activated charcoal filter and sports an 12.8" 6K LCD to print high-quality models fast. With a big resin 3D printer like the Jupiter, you of course also need a bigger Wash and cure station.

Coming with a bigger surface, but less build height the Anycubic 3D Photon M3 Max is also a great contestant in this category, although the resolution is a bit less impressive then the Jupiter.

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