Stepper drivers

We offer a variety of stepper drivers in our shop for use on Pololu-compatible slots (i.e. Megatronics, RAMPS, RADDS etc.) or externally using a step-dir-enable interface. Most important is the microstepping, the number of steps for a full step of the stepper motor. A bigger ratio (1/32 to 1/256) reduces noise and increases resolution. But the downside is that the microprocessor has to do more work, which means that for higher resolutions the CPU becomes the bottleneck. The following links may help you compare the different products.

Compare Pololu-compatible stepper drivers

Compare external stepper drivers

TL-Smoother for a stepper performance improvement
€ 5.69
In stock 
Thermal glue / heatsink plaster
€ 4.04
In stock 
DRV8825 Stepstick 1/32 microstep Stepper Motor Driver
€ 8.64
In stock 
Stepstick DS26LV31T Differential Line Driver (v1.0)
Reliably controls external stepper drivers with Reprap Electronics
  • Controls external stepper drivers
  • Compatible with 3V and 5V electronics
  • Pololu compatible shield
€ 7.43
In stock 
TMC2130 - 1/256 step interpolation stepper driver|SPI version
Very silent motor movements, without overloading your microprocessor with SPI header
€ 16.52
In stock 
TMC2130 - 1/256 step interpolation stepper driver
€ 16.52
In stock 
TMC2100 - 1/256 step interpolation stepper driver
Very silent motor movements, without overloading your microprocessor
€ 12.60
In stock 
TB6600 Stepper driver 3.5A / 1/32 microsteps / 9-42V
€ 19
In stock 
RAPS128 - 1/128 stepresolution stepper driver
€ 19.63
In stock 
Pololu DRV8825 Driver Carrier (original)
  • Driver Chip: DRV8825
€ 9
In stock 
Pololu A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier
€ 6.16
In stock 
Heatsink for pololu / stepstick stepper drivers
€ 1.24
In stock 
External stepper driver v2.0
€ 11.98
In stock 
Duet 2 Maestro Dual Stepper Driver Expansion Module
Addon to the Duet 2 Meastro board that adds two additional stepper drivers
  • Two additional TMC2224 drivers
  • Easy to setup with the Duet3D Maestro
€ 21.90
In stock 
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