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Written by Lillianne Grootens on 14/10/2021

Voxelab - Aquila

Voxelab designed this wonderful affordable user friendly DIY printer! It has a build volume of 22x22x25 cm, comes with a resume function,color LCD screen and sturdy Aluminium frame. It has a maximum print temperature of 250 °C and the Heated bed can go up to 100 °C. If you are thinking about buying a starter 3D printer model, then click on the button below and definitely check this printer out!

Voxelab - Aquila

BASF Ultrafuse - ABS

We now have this flexible ABS filament from BASF Ultrafuse available in our shop., It is used by engineers as well as printing enthusiasts for a range of applications.This ABS filament does not release unpleasant odors during the printing process. This filament is extremely durable and has a glass transition temperature of approximately at 105°C. It is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm and comes in vibrant colors.Click on the button below to find out more about this filament.

BASF Ultrafuse - ABS

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 12/10/2021
These filaments are professional materials and therefore part of the Real filament professional line. Use them with Advanced FDM/FFF 3D printers that can reach the required conditions.

Real filament - LUVOCOM

We now have 3 LUVOCOM materials available our Real filament line in 1.75mm. They have excellent layer adhesion qualities and mechanical properties. The 3F PEKK has enhanced flow behaviour and is very printable, the 3F PEEK 9581 is a semi crystalline thermoplastic that creates strong Z layers and the 3F PEEK CF 9676 is a strong 3D filament that serves exquisite thermal and chemical advantages. Want to find out more, then click on the button of the filament you are interested in.

Luvocom 3F PEEK 9581     LUVOCOM 3F PEEK CF 9676     LUVOCOM 3F PEKK

Real filament - PEI

Real Filament PEI is also one of our newest additions to the professional material line. We have it available in Ultum 1010 and Ultum 9085. The Ultum 1010  is designed to have outstanding chemical and mechanical properties and the Ultum 9085 is an amorphous thermoplactic with a glass transition temperature of 186°C. By clicking on the button below you can find out more about these filaments.

PEI Ultum 1010     PEI Ultum 9085

Real filament - PPSU

The last filament we added to our professional material line is the PPSU. In comparison, with the other PEI filaments this has a high impact resistance it also has remarkable chemical and thermal qualities. Just click on the button below to find out more about this high performance filament.


Written by Lillianne Grootens on 01/10/2021

CR X Pro

Do you have 3D prints that you printed twice, because you did not know which color would look better? Well now you can just print in once with 2 colors! Yes you are reading it correctly! The CR X Pro is a Dual color 3D printer! It gives you the option to print with one but also with 2 extruders, and it also has a resume printing function. So want to find out more about this printer than can help you explore the creative world of Dual color printer? Click on the button below and find out what this printer can do for you!

CR X Pro

CR 6 Max

With this printer you get a build volume from 400x400x400mm what will give you the opportunity to build large prints. The strong support frame will give stability to taller prints. It comes with a resume print function and a very nice drawer where you can put your tools in so you have more space to display your 3D prints. Have we piqued your interest? Then click on the button below to find out more!

CR 6 Max

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 24/09/2021

Copperhead Hot End

Replace your factory model Hot End with  a Copperhead™ one. It will upgrade your printers performance and reduce jamming, giving you a smooth print every time. We have the Hot End for the Bondtech BMG and Bondtech DDX. It can go up to 450°C. It will optimize heat transfer and reduce heat-creep. Click on the button below to go to Hot End that you need!

Hot End for the Bondtech BMG     Hot End for the Bondtech DDX

Copperhead Heat Sink

This Copperhead™ Heat Sink comes in a groove and screw mount version. It is made of Aircraft-glade aluminum and is made specific to fit on the standard Copperhead™ Heat Breaks. If you want to find out more then click on the button below!

Heat Sink groove mount     Heat Sink screw mount

Copperhead Heat Break

Get your Copperhead™ Heat Break now. We have them available for MK8, MK10, RepRap 1.75 and the standard one. The Heat Break is made of stainless steel and has a copper alloy. Click on the Heat Break you need to find out more!

Heat Break MK10     Heat Break MK8     Heat Break RepRap 1.75     Heat Break standard version

Other new Copperhead products

Also new in our webshop are the Hot Block and the DDX Copperhead™ upgrade kit. The upgade kit will turn your Hot End in to an all-metal version and stop the issues created by the PTFE deformation when using temperatures above 220° C. The Hot bock can held temperatures up to 450 °C and is made of nickel-plated Copper Alloy. Click on the button of the product you are interested in to find out more!

Hot Block     DDX upgrade kit

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 17/09/2021

3D Gloop! the new adhesive you want to try out! It can be used to glue printed parts together but also as a bed adhesive. It can be used on glass and mirror surfaces. We have it available in 15ml, 75ml and 120ml for ABS, PLA and PETG. Click on the link below to find out more about your new best friend 3D Gloop!

3D Gloop!

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